Professional Preparation Programme (PPP) for Arts students - 2nd sem, 2016-17

The Professional Preparation Programme (PPP) is jointly offered by the Faculty of Arts and the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) to non-first year students.

PPP is an intensive result-based career preparation programme. The main objectives of the PPP are

  • To prepare students for entering the job market
  • To enhance the employability of Arts students
  • To improve students’ overall competitiveness in the graduate job market
  • To develop more advanced interview skills to improve students’ chances of success

  • Non-first year undergraduate students from the Faculty of Arts are welcomed to join.

    Quota is limited for some workshops. Register NOW!

    Enrolment Deadline: 2:00pm, 9 February 2017 (Thu)

    Programme Highlights

    The programme will cover 5 modules with a total of 12 learning hours:
    1. How to Write Winning CVs & Cover Letters (2 hours)
    2. Interview Skills Sharing (2 hours)
    3. Interview Skills in Practice (3 hours)
    4. Landing Your Dream Job with Early Planning (2 hours)
    5. MBTI: Matching your Personality to your Career (3 hours)

    Highlights of takeaways you can expect from the full PPP:

  • understand employers’ expectations
  • sharpen your job-seeking skills
  • gain deeper self-understanding as well as understanding of others
  • kick start your career planning
  • identify gaps you need to fill in order to reach your career goal
  • find the direction towards filling the gaps

  • Please see “Module Descriptions” and “Programme Schedule” below for details.

    Module Descriptions

    Content of modules

    1. How to Write Winning CVs & Cover Letters (2 hours)
    This module aims to equip you with the techniques of writing an impressive CV and cover letter in order to increase your competitiveness in your job/internship application process. Practical techniques on how to make your application stand out will be shared.

    2. Interview Skills Sharing (2 hours)
    You will learn what to do before, during and after interviews, how to answer common interview questions, and ways to prepare for interviews. The application of job interview skills to other interview settings will be highlighted.

    3. Interview Skills in Practice (3 hours)
    This module provides a chance for you to do a hands-on mock interview practice based on a job of your choice. The mock interview prepares you for an actual interview by enabling you to experience and learn what is expected in a real interview situation so as to increase your chances of success. You will receive both written and verbal feedback on your performance.

    4. Landing Your Dream Job with Early Planning (2 hours)
    This module provides you with useful information for their career planning, including recent employment situation of Arts graduates, an overview of career opportunities, and the essentials of career planning and job search preparation.

    5. MBTI: Matching your Personality to your Career (3 hours)
    MBTI is a personality profiler widely used to enhance awareness and understanding of both self and others. While self-understanding facilitates and guides you in your career planning, exploration and development, understanding others enable you to build better interpersonal relationships. Through this module, you will learn the different personality preferences, the gifts and drawbacks of each preference, and how these preferences relate to your future careers. You will also be guided to explore career options with your preferences in mind, and to overcome possible obstacles predicted by your personality type. You will complete an MBTI questionnaire online before the workshop, and receive an official career report when you attend the workshop.

    Total learning hours: 12 hours in 5 modules


    Non-first year undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts

    Programme Schedule


    Careers & Placement
    Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS)

    Notes for Enrolment

    1. Complete the enrolment form below.
    2. Answer the questions to enable us to understand your needs.
    3. Select modules you would like to attend (please check your class schedule before selecting).

    1. To benefit fully from PPP, you are highly recommended to enrol in ALL 5 modules of PPP.

    2. If you enrol in Interview Skills in Practice, it is best for you to attend [Module 1] How to Write Winning CVs & Cover Letters and [Module 2] Interview Skills Sharing as well, as these 2 modules will prepare you for the practice. (please also see #3 below).

    3. For the Interview Skills in Practice module, each student is required to submit an assignment at least 1 week before the workshop. This assignment includes a job advertisement of your choice, and a CV written for the job chosen. Written assessments on your CV as well as performance during the mock interview will be given to you individually.

    4. Students who registered for the MBTI: Matching your Personality to your Career module will be asked to complete an online MBTI questionnaire at least 1 week before the workshop.

    5. For workshops with quota, enrolment is first-come, first-served. If the quota has been filled, you will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted via email if any enrolled students withdraw.

    6. In case enrolled students need to withdraw from certain module(s) due to unforeseen circumstances, you must inform both your Faculty (Eva, and Careers & Placement, CEDARS (Celia, with justifiable reason at least 3 days before the workshop. This is very important for facilitating our workshop arrangements.

    7. Enrolled students please check your email regularly. A reminder email will be sent to you before each workshop. You may be asked to further indicate your available dates/times.

    Enrolment deadline: 2:00pm, 9 February 2017 (Thursday).

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    Module selection

    You may submit a revised version of your CV after attending Module 1: How to Write Winning CVs and Cover Letters.

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