SERVICE 100 Fund (incorporating the Student Knowledge Exchange Project Grant) and Yang Tuck Ming & Wong Fung Ying Service Learning Fund Application Form

(A) Types of Funding
(B) Personal Data
1. Project Coordinator

Please supply an address which you check frequently. CEDARS correspondences are primarily sent by email.

2. Other Project Participants (if applicable)

Please state other participant's (1) Name, (2) Faculty/Department/Unit, (3) Curriculum and Year of Study, (4) University Number, (5) Mobile Number, (6) Email Address and (7) Indicate if participants are over 18 years of age or not when joining the project or trip in the text box.

3. Faculty Advisor
(C) Project Information

(Less than 250 words)

(Less than 250 words)

1. Primary school students (50)
2. Teachers (10)
3. Parents (50)

(D) Upload the project proposal according to the requirements stated in the guideline at
(E) Amount of funding Applied for
(F) CV of Project Coordinator(s)
(G) Information of External Partner Organisation

(*For projects that wish to seek consideration under the Student KE Project Grant, they must fill in and provide information of this part)

(In the form of scanned copy of the letter printed with the organisation’s letterhead and duly signed by the person in charge)

(please put “Nil” in the box if nobody in the team has any involvement or relationship with the external partner organisation):

(H) Supplementary Information

You can upload other relevant supplementary information with no more than 6 pages.

(I) Declaration