Provision of Services and Facilities in the University of Hong Kong - Version 2

Your Wish List
What amenities you want on campus?

CEDARS would like to have your views on what additional amenities you want on campus. Please take a minute to complete this survey.

Mrs. Sylvia Wong
Director of Campus Life

At the moment, there are a range of eateries and the following amenities on campus.

Art Studios
Baby Care Rooms
Computer & Photo-copying Service
Co-op Shop
Fitness centres
Learning Commons
Prayer Room
Shower Rooms
Souvenir Shops
Function Rooms
- Acoustic Band Room
- Darkroom
- Meeting Rooms
- Multi-purpose Rooms
- Piano Rooms
- Pottery facilities
- Student Societies Rooms
- War Game Room

If there is space, what else do you want?
Here are some suggestions from the University community. Please tick which is your most preferred option (if any).

You may wish to email us at for more details of your view.

This survey will be closed on March 31, 2017.