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Eligibility: HKU students aged 18 or above with valid University YMCA (HKU) membership

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【A Day with Strays 「相」與毛孩過一天 — 流浪狗隻服務日 X 相片展覽】
**Note: ALL vacancies have been filled up. Application CLOSED.

About the Programme

What’s the first thought that comes into your mind when you see an ill, aged, soiled dog left alone, lost and hungry on the streets? Can you ever imagine what kind of nightmare that would be if you were placed into that abyss of despair? This might sound horribly impossible yet that is what every single stray dog is facing in our hustling and bustling society. If you have the slightest impulse to lend a benevolent hand to those abandoned and helpless puppies, you mustn't miss this exceptional opportunity to join us in ‘A Day with Strays’!

Partnering with Paws Guardian Rescue Shelter Hong Kong (毛守救援), you would be able to contributing your day in exchange for some heart-warming faces on those poor abandoned animals. During the programme, you would learn to create decorations for the puppies, then we would step into a stray dog's shelter to assist their daily living. Moreover, you would be able to take some remarkable pictures to contest for a collection of limited prizes while contribute to our photo exhibition, thus making a sustainable impact to raise the awareness of stray pets to all walks of lives at HKU. 

They need you! Don’t hesitate! Join us!

Programme Details

1. Pre-service Preparation
Date: 6 Jan (Fri)
Time: 14:00-17:00
Location: HKU

2. Stray Dogs Service Day
Date: 10 Jan (Tue) / 13 Jan (Fri) [Attend ONLY ONE session]
Time: 12:00-18:00
Location: Paws Guardian Rescue Shelter (毛守救援)

3. Post-service Photo Exhibition
Period: Feb 2023 (TBC)

Fee: $50 + Deposit* $50
*Deposit refundable upon completion of the programme with satisfactory performance. 

Language: Cantonese

Application Deadline: 31 Dec 2022 (Sat) (23:59)

Enquiries: Uni-Y Student ExCo Max Pang ( /


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