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Welcome to HKU Service Network!

HKU Service Network is a dynamic online platform specifically designed to help HKU students to contribute to global issues through joining and developing sustainable and innovative service projects. Whether you want to look for service opportunities, or serve as a volunteer in a team, or develop and lead a brand new project, HKU Service Network can always facilitate you in the following ways:

  • Search for service opportunities
  • Promote new projects
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Share service experiences
  • Showcase service achievements
  • Acquire latest funding information
  • Connect with local and overseas NGOs

HKU community partners and NGOs can also register to use the network for recruiting energetic volunteers and exchange fresh ideas with HKU students. Sign up now to build an active service network together to revolutionize the service community*!


* HKU students and alumni must use HKU Portal accounts to register.


Unique Functions under “My Apps”

While HKU Service Network is furnished with familiar functions such as Blogs, Photos, Videos, and Messages to keep you connected to your team members and service partners, there are powerful functions specifically designed to nurture long-term partnership and project continuity.


Service Record is a great way to share individual and group service experiences. Detailed service stories can help students to convey project needs, challenges and achievements to potential donors and volunteers, and help succeeding student generations to identify good service practices and avoid pitfalls.


Service Project allows individual students, groups as well as NGOs to create new service projects for listing under Service Opportunities and become searchable to all registered users.


Service Opportunities allow students to search for volunteer opportunities according to their availability, service preference and skills, etc. NGOs can also identify and scout out students with suitable availability and profile using the same function.


Groups allow users to form their own groups for discussion and information sharing as well as member recruitment. This function helps students who are leading multiple projects to better organize their teams.


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