Crisis Counselling

Counselling and Psychological Services

  • Counselling is only for people who are depressed or suicidal?
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  • Will my parents know I am seeing a counsellor?

Crisis Counselling

Drop-In Service

If you are in a crisis situation or need to see a counsellor immediately or urgently, you can come to our centre for advice . The Duty Counsellor will assess your needs and make the appropriate arrangement for you.

Crisis Counselling

A. Emergencies

When a student has an imminent risk to hurt himself/herself or others, the most effective emergency service is the 24-hour emergency services (i.e. calling for police assistance, calling the ambulance, or taking the student to the Hospital Accident and Emergency Department). The nearest public hospital of our campus is the Queen Mary Hospital. Some Useful Numbers within Campus:
  • Security Control Centre: (852) 3917-2882
  • CEDARS (Counselling & Personal Enrichment): (852) 3917-8388
  • University Health Service: (852) 3917-1999

B. Calling the Police

In case of an emergency where the safety of a student, yourself and or other people is/ are endangered, you should call the police for assistance. Click here for more information.

C. Managing Suicidal Risk and Aggression

Students do have psychological distress from time to time and need support and assistance to help them overcome such crisis and adversities. You may be the first person who notices or has to handle this situation. It is essential for you and the counselling team to collaborate with each other, so that the student can get appropriate assistance both at the critical moment or its aftermath.

Further information:
Managing Suicidal Risks and Making Referrals