What is CEDARS-CoPE?

  • Early help makes a difference.
  • Nothing is “too trivial”!

What is CEDARS-CoPE?

Counselling and Person Enrichment Section (CoPE) is one of the “Service-cum-Cocurricular Education” Sections of the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), HKU.


The Counselling and Person Enrichment Section (CEDARS-CoPE) is committed to empowering students to develop their social capability and emotional resilience, and also to capitalise on their character strengths , and to live a fulfilling and psychologically healthy life so that they are able to achieve personal success, overcome life challenges and contribute to the community by demonstrating integrity, sensitivity, and leadership.

About Us


  • Provides comprehensive, accessible, and timely counselling services
  • Offers mental health education for illness prevention and early identification
  • Provides broad range of support services to students with disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Offers person enrichment programmes tailored for critical self-reflection, realization of personal strengths, psychosocial core competence development and leadership capacity building
  • Conducts customized educational projects and activities to promote diversity and inclusionCEDARS-CoPE office