About the Programme

Eating together as a family is highly valued in the Chinese culture, as it is one of the best opportunities to connect with one another. In this programme, non-local students will enjoy a homey meal with a local host family to have an authentic taste of the family life in Hong Kong. Local students are invited to join as “foodmates” to the non-locals in these family meals and gatherings. Beyond the dining table, this programme provides the backdrop to enhance integration by engaging both the local and non-local students in deeper cultural exchange through exploring the social and cultural dimensions of food in family meals and gatherings.

By connecting non-local students (including exchange and visiting students) with both local students and local host families (non-residential), the Eat To-Gather Programme aims at:

  • facilitating non-local students’ adaptation to life in Hong Kong;
  • promoting cultural exchange between locals and non-locals, fostering mutual understanding and cultural integration;
  • creating supportive friendships that last beyond the programme.