Be a Non-local Pal

HKU non-local students (including exchange and visiting students for one semester)

*Priority will be given to those staying in Hong Kong for one year or more.

Each non-local pal will be paired up with 1 local foodmate and 1 host family.

  1. Non-local pals are expected to:
    • join a homey meal with their local foodmates in the local host family;
    • take initiative to communicate with their local foodmates and host families; and
    • submit photos of gatherings and provide feedback on the Programme.
  2. Non-local pals will not be provided with accommodation by the host families and local foodmates.
  3. Non-local pals are not required to pay the host families and local foodmates but you may have to pay for the family gatherings organised by CEDARS and bear any personal expenses incurred during the family gatherings and activities such as transportation costs.
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