Latest Announcement (27 August 2017, 1pm)

High Table Dinner will be held AS SCHEDULED.

For Students

Due to the adverse weather condition and to ensure your safety in traveling to campus, the gathering time is now changed as below:

Gathering Time: 5:00pm
Gathering Place: Rayson Huang Theatre (RHT) (no change)

For urgent assistance, please contact your SII. For other enquiry, please email to induction@cedars.hku.hk .

For Guests

Please arrive at CPD LG.62 to join the Reception at 6:30pm as scheduled.


The CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table Dinner is the flagship programme held in the last week of August to put first-year undergraduates from different faculties and countries of origin into small groups. Under the guidance of Student Induction Instructors (SIIs), new students will set ambitious yet realistic personal goals and explore the ideal of a university. They will also be engaged in inspirational dialogue with alumni and staff members on various themes including innovation, culture, aesthetics, advocacy for a better world, environment etc. The High Table Dinner is the pinnacle and concluding event to induce a sense of pride and identity with the University. Upon completion of the Peer Connect and High Table Dinner, participants would be able to redeem a Green Gown, one of the most wanted HKU collectables that is available nowhere else!

Date/ Time

Participants must attend all activities on both days.

Part I  (Aug 26)


9:30 – 10:00am

Setting My University Goals

10:00am – 12:00nn

Lunch Break

12:30 – 3:00pm

Inspirational Activities – Connecting to the HKU Family

3:00 – 6:00pm

Part II (Aug 27)

Reporting and Sharing of Inspirations on Part I Activities

3:00 – 5:15pm

Registration of High Table

5:45 – 6:00pm

High Table Dinner

6:30 – 9:00pm


  • HKU campus for Part I (Aug 26 morning) and Part II (Aug 27)
  • HKU campus & various locations outside campus for Part I ( Aug 26 afternoon)


  • Full-time and full degree undergraduates
  • Both local and non-local students are welcome

Medium of Language


Programme Fee

HK$100 programme fee with :

  • A HKU T-shirt;
  • A University green gown (upon completion of ALL activities including a learning experience questionnaire)

Participants will bear all other incidental expenses incurred during the ‘Inspirational Activities -Connecting to the HKU Family’ session.


The quota is full.

Full Commitment Required

This Programme is best described as a ‘hands-on, minds-on experience’ whereby through an interactive and collaborative process, participants will acquire a holistic learning experience. Each segment of the Programme will build on the activities before and after, so it is critical that participants arrive punctually and participate fully and actively. Not doing so create challenges not only to yourself but other participants. If you are unable to commit fully, we invite you to join other CEDARS induction activities which require less commitment.

Dress Code

Part I (Aug 26): Casual wear

  • Skirt, mini-skirt and flip-flop are not recommended.
  • You will receive a HKU t-shirt to wear upon registration.

Part II (Aug 27): Business formal

  • Male students: a shirt, a pair of trousers and a pair of leather shoes.
  • Female students: a shirt and pants/skirt or a dress and a pair of leather shoes.

Note: No jacket is required, as you will be given a green gown to wear on top for High Table Dinner. Please also keep your personal belongings minimal. No storage for belongings will be provided.

Arrangement on “Inspirational Activities – Connecting to HKU Family”

For the “Inspirational Activities – Connecting to HKU Family”, participants will be allocated randomly to an activity held in or outside HKU campus. The activity will be related to one of the following themes, namely, culture, aesthetics, innovation, environment, advocacy for a better world etc. CEDARS will try to make the best and most feasible arrangement to cater for participants with special needs. If you have any special needs or conditions (e.g. sea sickness, motion sickness, physical constraints, religious belief), please indicate on the registration form to facilitate our arrangement.