Student Resources and Campus Facilities

Student Resources

CEDARS, your student service and resources centre, AND your co-curricular learning hub

The Centre of Development and Resources for Students, or more popularly known as CEDARS, provides comprehensive student services such as housing, financial support, visa matters, employment preparation, professional counselling, as well as a spectrum of co-curricular learning and serving opportunities.

CEDARS Co-Curriculum framework attempts to answer the question, “How does a freshman transform from a secondary school student to a HKUer, a Free Person who is competent, autonomous and honourable and eventually, a graduate with distinct attributes as indicated by these HKU Educational Aims ?”

  1. Pursuit of academic/professional excellence, critical intellectual enquiry and life-long learning
  2. Tackling novel situations and ill-defined  problems
  3. Critical self-reflection, greater understanding of others, and upholding personal and professional ethics
  4. Intercultural understanding and  global citizenship
  5. Communication and collaboration
  6. Leadership and advocacy for the improvement of the human condition

Inspired by the motto of HKU (Sapientia et Virtus, 明德格物), the traditional teaching of Chinese “Six Arts” ( 六 藝 ) and the Seven Classical Liberal Arts rooted  in the ancient Hellenistic World, CEDARS Co-Curriculum framework emphasises the compatibility between the objectives of CEDARS co-curricular programmes and HKU Six Educational Aims. With this emphasis, a wide spectrum of programmes are offered to help students develop their capabilities as well as personal qualities covered by these Aims. Main themes of these programmes include internship, leadership and advocacy for a better world, innovation, self-reflection and empowerment, communication, decision-making and problem-solving as well as aesthetics and culture.

All our work have one common goal: to empower you to become a Free Person living a fruitful University Life with lots of achievements and good memories.

CEDARS, as your WILD card, supports you in creating your own defining moments.

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Careers and Placement

The CEDARS-Careers and Placement Section is committed to nurturing students to become global talents possessing professional competencies and entrepreneurial mindset. CEDARS-Careers and Placement is passionate in supporting and empowering students to explore and select suitable career options, acquire essential skills for workplace success, pursue a personally rewarding career and make positive impact to society. We also collaborate closely with employers and community partners to identify and recruit quality graduates to create values for their organisations and the community.

Preparing for your career early in your university life is essential if you want to build a rewarding career. CEDARS-Careers and Placement is your first stop to seek Hong Kong, mainland and overseas internships and jobs, entrepreneurial resources and support, and help on career-related matters. Join our workshops, recruitment talks and other events, or drop in for one-on-one career advising to understand what careers suit you, learn the common job requirements, gain essential skills, and set suitable goals to greatly enhance your competitiveness in the job market.

Look out for our co-curricular programmes, workshops and talks in our Daily Jobs & Career Events email, which is sent every day from Monday to Friday.


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Counselling and Person Enrichment

The CEDARS-Counselling  and  Person Enrichment Section (CEDARS-CoPE) is committed to empowering students to develop their social capability and emotional resilience, to capitalise on their character strengths, and to live a fulfilling and psychologically healthy life so that they are able to achieve personal success, overcome life challenges and contribute to the community by demonstrating integrity, sensitivity and leadership.

You are welcome to try Psychometer – our online psychological tests on university adjustment, learning, social life, personality strengths, mental health etc. to gain a better self-understanding and identify ways to achieve a fruitful university life. You can also develop your personal profile and use this for setting realistic goals for your university years and make practical plans for self-improvement. Visit here to start your journey of self-understanding!

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Crisis and Emergency

HKU provides physical and mental health services and financial assistance to students who are in urgent need:

University Health Service (UHS)
Emergency Medical Services
2/F,  Meng Wah Complex
Mon to Fri: 8:40am – 5pm ;  Sat: 8:25am – 12:45pm
Emergency no.: 3917 1999

When the clinic is closed, please go to the nearest Accident and Emergency Department at Queen Mary Hospital, 102 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.

CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment (CoPE)
Counselling Service
Room 301-323, 3/F, Main Building (Directions: cross the footbridge between Library Extension (LE) 2 and Main Building to reach the office.) Mon to Thu: 9am – 5:45pm; Fri: 9am – 6pm; Sat: 9am – 1pm

To make an appointment, please call 3917 8388, email or visit Room 301-323, 3/F, Main Building.

During after-office hours, please go to the nearest medical doctor or Accident and Emergency Department at the hospital for immediate support.

CEDARS-Campus Life
University Financial Assistance Emergency Assistance
3/F, Meng Wah Complex
Call CEDARS at 2859 2305 for an appointment to meet a Student advising officer for assessment of your needs.

Estates Office
24-hour Security Control Centre Room 310, 3/F, Pao  Siu  Loong  Building Tel:  3917 2882
You may also find the following useful:

•     Lost and Found Tel: 3917 2883
•     Pandemic and Influenza:

HKU Global Assistance Programme

For general assistance on local expertise (such as nearby clinic/ pharmacy/police station and   translation services etc.) and preventative advice, students may call International SOS (“ISOS”) 24/7 Assistance Centre. Students are  advised to  register and  obtain  the  latest  membership  number  for  International SOS  services.

“Peer English Tutoring” and “Survival Cantonese”

“Peer English Tutoring” is a one-to-one or small group English conversational practice session with a native or near-native  English speaking Peer Tutor, jointly organised by the Centre for Applied English Studies (CAES) and CEDARS. “Survival Cantonese” provides practice sessions conducted by Peer Tutors to cover 30 essential day-to-day “Survival Cantonese” phrases for non- Cantonese speakers. It is ideal for newly arrived non-Cantonese speakers. This programme is jointly organised by the Chinese Language Centre and CEDARS.

Please stay tuned for email recruitment notices for details.

Financial Management and Financial Assistance

Government Financial Assistance

Eligible students who need financial support to their university studies are encouraged to apply for the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme and the Non-means Tested Loan Scheme administered by the Student Finance Office. Information is available here.

University Financial Assistance

University funds, available to local students, are in general used to supplement Government Grants and Loans. Applications are invited in early September each year. Emergency assistance is also available throughout the year. Please click here for more details.

HKUFresh$3000 is a subsidy (HK$3,000) provided to eligible local full-time undergraduates newly admitted to HKU to cover some of their immediate expenses. Applicants must be in receipt of the HKSAR comprehensive social security assistance prior to their entry into the University. Deadline of application: Sep 30, 2017.

The First-in-the-Family Education Fund (FIFE Fund) supports full-degree first year local undergraduate students who are the first generation of university students with financial needs.

You will be introduced to all these financial options at CEDARS’ orientation talk “Financing your University Studies”. For more details, please refer to the information sheet in your registration package or you can visit here for more details.

Campus Facilities

Residential Halls, Residential Colleges and Student Residences

Halls of Residence are more than just a place to sleep – they form part of a long tradition at the University and are as important to your overall education as your studies. Hall life teaches students to be independent, and gives them the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds under one roof.

HKU has 17 residential halls and residential colleges where undergraduates can experience this important part of university life. Each hall has its own history and culture, and students find that as they make new friends there and develop a sense of belonging, it becomes a home away from home. Other accommodation options include non-hall housing and off-campus housing. Please refer to CEDARS-Campus Life website for applications and other information.

Amenities Centres

CEDARS manages three amenities centres. The facilities are open for use by students and staff as individuals or groups. Some facilities can be booked online via HKU Portal for exclusive use. Priority is given to students, student societies, and student organised activities.

Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre
Room 201, Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre

Tel:  2859 8006


Mon to Fri: 9am – 7pm; Sat: 9am – 1pm

Multi-purpose room, meeting room, music room, baby care room, shower room, exhibition counter, banner site
Fong Shu Chuen Amenities CentreRoom 1A06, Swire  Building

Tel:  2548 0074


Mon to Fri: 9am – 7pm; Sat: 9am – 1pm

Multi-purpose room, meeting room, music room, prayer room, lounge, photo studio / darkroom
Pokfulam  Amenities CentreRm 207, Pauline Chan Building, 10 Sassoon Road Tel:  3917 7543


Mon to Fri: 9am – 7pm; Sat: 9am – 1pm

Music  room,  games  room,  baby care room, Sassoon Road Assembly Hall, photocopying corner

Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre

Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre (CYMCC), managed by CEDARS, is located at 3/F to 5/F above the Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre on the Main Campus of HKU. This new Cultural Centre, housing an auditorium, a studio theatre and exhibition gallery has been in full operation since July 2016.

The Yuet Ming Auditorium holding up to 400 seats, is the most modern and well – equipped proscenium theatre at HKU, which is designed for drama, dance, band show and screening.

Studio 303 with a capacity of 140 seats, is an ideal performing venue for experimental performances in a variety of art forms, such as drama, dance, musical performance and theatrical workshop.

Exhibition Gallery, located on the 5/F of CYMCC with 134 sq. m. of exhibition area, is an ideal place for student artwork exhibition.

Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre
Room 401, Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre
Tel: 3917 1281

Catering Facilities

Catering and Restaurants

Main Campus and Centennial Campus

Main Campus

Sassoon Road Campus and Other Locations

Ho Tim Hall Restaurant
Jockey Club Student Village I, 91 Pokfulam Road
Local and Chinese dishes

Jockey Club Student Village II Restaurant
G/F, Suen Chi Sun Hall, Jockey Club Student Village II, 109 Pokfulam Road
Local and Chinese dishes

Bay View Restaurant
LG/F, 6 Sassoon Road
Local fast food and Western Deli

Fan Pui Garden, LG/F, William M.W. Mong Block, 21 Sassoon Road
Submarine sandwiches and beverages

Faculty of Medicine Building Restaurant (tentative opening Dec 2017)
7/F, William M.W. Mong Block, 21 Sassoon Road

Cyberport Phase IV Staff Restaurant (Delicious Corner)
L2, Block A, Phase 4, Cyberport, 100 Cyberport Road
Local fast food and Chinese dishes

Stanley Ho Sports Centre Kiosk
10 Sha Wan Drive, Stanley Ho Sports Centre
Noodles  and snacks


Health and Wellness

University Health Service (UHS) has an on-campus clinic providing health and dental care services to members of the University. Counselling services for students are provided by CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment (CoPE).

University Health Service (UHS) CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment (CoPE)
2/F and 3/F, Meng Wah Complex Room 301-323, 3/F, Main Building
Mon to Fri: 8:40am – 5pm Sat: 8:25am –  12:45pm Mon to Thu: 9am – 5:45pm Fri: 9am – 6pmSat: 9am – 1pm
For Appointment: Medical:  2549 4686Dental:  2859 2511 To make your first appointment, please call 3917  8388, email cedars-cope@ or visit Room 301-323, 3/F, Main Building.

(Directions: cross the footbridge between Library Extension (LE) 2 and Main Building to reach the office.)

Computing and Network Facilities

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides comprehensive information technology services at HKU. Useful information like HKU Portal, procedures on connecting to HKU Campus Network and email service etc.

Students may visit ITS Service Desk on the 1/F of Library Building (Old Wing) or send email to for assistance in using the central computing and network services.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a campus hub equipped with modern learning facilities that encourages and facilitates individual and group study.

  • Chi Wah Learning Commons: podium levels of Centennial Campus
  • The Oval: first floor of Knowles Building
  • The Curve: first and second floors of K.K. Leung Building


The HKU Libraries consist of the Main Library and six specialist branch libraries. The Main Library comprises an all-round collection of materials in arts, humanities, architecture, social sciences, and science and technology. It also has a rich collection of audio-visual materials and reserve materials, as well as a Special Collection which houses a unique selection of Hong Kong materials, rare books, pamphlets, and microforms. The other six specialist libraries are: Dental Library, Fung Ping Shan Library (the University’s Chinese library), Lui Che Woo Law Library, Music Library, Tin Ka Ping Education Library and Yu Chun Keung Medical Library.

Sports Facilities

Apart from offering a wide range of sports and fitness programmes, the Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE) also manages the following sports facilities:

•     Flora Ho Sports Centre, Lindsay Ride Sports Centre and Stanley Smith Swimming Pool  on  Pokfulam Road

•     Stanley Ho Sports Centre, Henry Fok Swimming Pool at Sandy Bay

•     3 Fitness Centres in Lindsay Ride Sports Centre, Henry Fok Health & Fitness Complex  and  IHP  Active-Centennial Campus

•     Tennis courts at High West onPokfulam Road and Robert Black College