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The SERVICE 100 AMBASSADOR Scheme aims to honor HKU members’ (students, staff and alumni) service effort and to inspire more to make lifelong contributions to the betterment of humanity. Ambassadors are expected to commit to sustained service to encourage friends, colleagues, and family members to make service a central part of their lives; in time, become a lifelong commitment.

The Launching Ceremony of SERVICE 100 AMBASSADOR Scheme was held at 1:00 p.m. at K. K. Leung Concourse on 10 November, 2011 (Thur).


All students, staff, alumni, and friends of HKU are welcome to join as an individual or with their family members.

Application Method

In addition to a strong desire to make service a central part of your life, there are 3 simple steps to become an official SERVICE 100 AMBASSADOR.

  1. Open an account and register as a SERVICE 100 AMBASSADOR online at: HKU Service Network
  2. Inspire two friends, students, or colleagues to join HKU Service Network (My Apps –> Invite Your Friends)
  3. Share at least one service story at HKU Service Network (My Apps –> Service Record)

Record of Service Hour

Please record your service hour in HKU Service Network (My Apps –> Service Record). The total service hour accumulated from 1 November, 2011 can be checked in the “Statistics” section under your Profile at HKU Service Network.

Award Criteria

The Service Award Lapel Pin and Certificate of Achievement are conferred once a year. Official Ambassadors and families will be awarded by the number of service hours within the period of one year. Seminars, workshops and other form of training that contributes to quality service may also be counted towards the scheme. The required number of service hour per year for each award level is listed below.

  Individual Family
Bronze Award Pin 60 100
Silver Award Pin 100 150
Gold Award Pin 200 250

A prestigious Service Ring will be awarded to Ambassadors who obtained three Gold Award Pins.

Award period for this year is from 1 November 2011 till mid November 2012. An award ceremony will be held in early 2013.

Ambassadors’ Privileges

In addition to the prestigious service award pins and rings, official Ambassadors are entitled to the following privileges:

  • Learn latest service opportunities through the HKU Service Network
  • Priority to enroll for special training, seminars and workshops
  • Priority to events with limited seats
  • Attend annual SERVICE 100 AMBASSADOR‘s exchange party
  • Learn from other volunteers and enjoy new friendships and interests


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