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Volunteer Recruitment for HKU’s première Carol Singing at the University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen Hospital (香港大學深圳醫院) on 27 December

Chui’s Student Excellence Scheme (Tsang Lang Service Learning Fund)

GC-3-03 GROW Project Award Scheme

A. Objectives

The GROW Project Award Scheme is part of GROW@HKU programme that aims to:

  1. Advocate food justice and combat hunger through programmes and projects organised by students of the University;
  2. Nurture and empower HKU students to become change agents and socially responsible citizens; and
  3. Support the initiatives and effort of HKU students in building a fair and sustainable global food system.

B. Eligible Projects

  1. The project should be led and organised by a core team of 3 to 5 full-time HKU student;
  2. The project should aim to promote food justice and address three chosen underlying causes of hunger (i.e. food waste, climate change and unfair trade) that ultimately support and favour the small-scale food producers;
  3. The project can be in one or a combination of the following forms:
    • Direct community service
    • Advocacy campaign
    • Education programme
    • Fund-raising activities (with GROW messages) to support the poverty alleviation work of Oxfam Hong Kong

C. Awards

  1. Each team may be awarded up to $30,000 to carry out the project (on reimbursement basis upon successful completion of the project, submission of report and compliance to the terms and conditions on the Award Letter);
  2. Teams that successfully complete their projects and submit their reports will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and are entitled to join the dialogue and dinner with representative(s) of Oxfam Hong Kong (2 places for each team).; and
  3. One “Best Project Team” will be selected and nominated to the summer internship programme of Oxfam Hong Kong in the summer of 2015 (max 2 places).

D. Assessment Criteria

Assessment will be conducted by a Selection Panel formed by CEDARS and Oxfam Hong Kong on the basis of:

  1. Relevance to the objectives of the Scheme (30%);
  2. Originality and innovativeness of the project (20%);
  3. Feasibility and sustainability of the project (20%); and
  4. The impact or anticipated impact of the project to the community and students (20%).

Important Dates

Application Deadline Round 1: 28 February, 2014
Round 2: 30 May, 2014
Announcement of Funding Support for Selected Projects Approximately 4 weeks after the deadline
Project Completion Date 13 September, 2014
Report Submission 18 October, 2014
Result Annoucement* Late October 2014
Award Presentation Ceremony and Dinner TBC

* Result is subject to the final decision of CEDARS and Oxfam Hong Kong.

E. Application Procedure

Applicants should submit their application and proposal online before the deadline. Applicants with preliminary ideas are welcome to make appointments with the Student Advising Officers of CEDARS for advices and comments before drafting a comprehensive proposal. Project teams that require any logistics and publicity support are advised to apply for the Incubation Service for Student Groups and Student Projects.

Project proposal should be limited to 10 pages (in 12-point font) and include the followings:

  1. An executive summary;
  2. Objectives of the project;
  3. Project activities and schedule (e.g. date, time, duration, venue, and target number of participants, etc.);
  4. Expected outcomes, achievements, impact and contributions of the project;
  5. Budget;
  6. Method of project evaluation;
  7. Plan on how to share the project outcomes and impact with the HKU community. Oxfam Hong Kong and wider public;
  8. Information of the student society / group with CV of the project coordinators;
  9. Information of the partner organisation or NGO (if any).

F. Conditions for Funding Support

The funding support will be in the form of reimbursement upon successful completion of the project, presentation of the original receipts and submission of project report. The report should include:

  1. An account of the activities carried out (with information on date, time, venue, number of participants, etc);
  2. Outcomes and achievements of the of the project against agreed objectives;
  3. Feedback and analysis of evaluation by project participants;
  4. Ways of disseminating the project results and outcomes to HKU community and society at large;
  5. The obstacles encountered and areas for improvement (if any); and
  6. Overall evaluation of the project;
  7. A financial statement with all the original receipts;
  8. A video and/or photo CD of all the project activities;
  9. The sample materials or any publications produced by the project (if any).

G. Briefing Session and Information Counter

Briefing Session

Date: 30 April, 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Venue: CPD. 2.42, the Jockey Club Tower

Information Counter

Date: 30 April, 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Venue: G/F, Jockey Club Tower (outside The Bank of East Asia)

To learn more about the GROW campaign of Oxfam, please visit:

Some action guides and overseas projects on advocating food justice for reference:
Change the World – One step at a time
Brown Rice Campaign
Eat Local Feed Global Event
Female Food Heroes 2012 Competition
GROW Recipe Competition

Enquiries: / 2857 8387

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