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Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China – Poverty Alleviation Through Education

The Summer Service and Learning Program (SSLP) in Rural China was established by Tsinghua University in 2004 and receives support from the Tseng Hin Pei Charity Fund since 2010 with the aim to provide university students from different regions and countries with an opportunity to serve and understand China. In the past 10 years, over 3,000 students and faculty members from Tsinghua University and other international universities have participated in the program.

Application for 2017 summer programme is closed.

About Education Poverty Alleviation Office, Tsinghua University

The Poverty Alleviation Office of Tsinghua University, set up in 2003, aims to eliminate poverty in rural China by spreading knowledge through modern technology and methods. By providing rural people with an opportunity to access high quality educational and training resources, it is hoped that those (including local official, students, teachers and farmers) in the underdeveloped areas will be equipped with more advanced knowledge and a lifelong learning attitude. As of 2014, the Office has established 1134 distance learning centers in the impoverished counties around China and over 1.9 million people have already received its training free of charge.

About Tseng Hin Pei Charity Fund

Tseng Hin Pei Charity Fund Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2007 as a non-profit charitable organization by the late Mr. Tseng Hin Pei. The goal of the Fund is to create a platform beneficiating to the society and the people of China. According to the Chinese idioms’, “Throw a sprat to catch a whale, many a little makes a mickle”, the directors of the Fund hope that their efforts will contribute to the educational and medical needs in China.

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Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China

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