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“Think Global, Act Local” Community Engagement Programme for the Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there are around 10,000 asylum seekers awaiting for the determination of refugee status. As a group of the most invisible people in the city, they are faced with various difficulties, such as language, culture and religious barriers, in addition to the limited assistance available for them and prohibition of working opportunities. Co-organised with Health In Action, the purpose of this programme is to provide HKU students with an opportunity to serve and convey their care and concern to the refugees and asylum seekers living in Hong Kong, while the latter can extend their horizons and increase their understanding of the city and people. The ultimate aim of the project is to create positive interaction, mutual understanding and respect between HKU students and the refugees and asylum seekers.


  1. Willing to empower the others
  2. Aspire to bring change and impact to the society
  3. Committed, responsible and capable of team work

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Committed to join the service activities, the Refugee Run, the preparation and evaluation meetings.
  2. Work in a small team to design, lead and take charge of at least one service activity.
  3. Share and make use of your knowledge, skills and talents in the programme to bring fun and love.

Project Schedule

Date and Time Activities Venue
3 Oct 2017 (evening) Interview HKU
11 Oct 2017 (6:30pm – 8:30pm) Programme Briefing and Introduction on Refugees and Asylum Seekers HKU
14, 28 Oct, 11, 25 Nov and 23 Dec 2017 (10am – 1pm) Execution of five service activities designed by programme participants, e.g. Cantonese workshops, outdoor activities, music workshop, cooking class, etc. Kowloon Union Church
4 Nov 2017 (1:30pm – 5pm) Refugee Run* Crossroads Foundation Hong Kong
After the third and last service activities (TBC) Project evaluation meetings HKU

*In the Refugee Run, participants will face simulated scenarios or attacks, such as mine fields where they may be “injured”, life in a refugee camp, hunger, illness, lack of education, corruption and uncertain shelter or safety. Participants may also be marched under guards, subjected to an ambush and, ultimately, offered a chance of re-settlement where they must re-build their lives. Through such a powerful and realistic experience, participants will have a better understanding of the fears and danger present for refugees.


Please complete the application form online on or before 27 September 2017 (Wed). Interview will be conducted on 3 October.

Expected Project Impact

For HKU students, they will:

  1. Learn the experience and situations, as well as to encounter with the neglected/hidden groups in Hong Kong.
  2. Engage in actions to organise different activities for the asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong.
  3. Provide care and concern, as well as to offer support and assistance to the refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong.
  4. Gain understanding and mutual respect of asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong.

For the refugees and asylum seekers, they will:

  1. Be empowered through a series of educational activities organised by HKU students.
  2. Be equipped with new knowledge, skills and ideas which can be useful in their daily lives and beyond.
  3. Cultivate mutual understanding and respect with HKU students and develop a positive attitude towards their current and future situations.

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Service Fair

HKU students are active shapers and contributors in promoting local and global social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Service Fair provides a platform for HKU student project teams and community partners to share their work and effort on reaching the sustainable development goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN in 2015, and introduce the related service projects and community engagement opportunities in Hong Kong or abroad to HKU students.

About UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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