Skills that you need for academic success
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Smart Exam Preparation & Taking

    Knowing Your Exam Questions

    1. Common Types of Exams at University Level (Simon Fraser University)
    2. Identifying the Type of Exam Question (Monash University)
    3. Exam Strategies: How to Tackle Exam Questions (Cornell University)

    Exam Taking Strategies

    Objective Exams

    1. Taking Objective Tests: Multiple Choice, True-False (The University of Minnesota)
    2. Guidelines for Answering True/False Questions (Brigham Young University)

    Essay Exams

    1. Answering Essay Questions Made Easier (University of Central Florida)
    2. Writing Essay Exams (University of Manitoba)
    3. Verbs Used in Essay Questions (University of Manitoba)
    4. Answering the Essay & Short Answer Exam Question (Trent University)

    Other Types of Exams

    1. Case Study Exams (Queensland University of Technology)
    2. Preparing for Math Final Exams (Utah State University)

    Exam Preparation Tips

    1. How to Succeed in Exams? (HKU CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment)
    2. Top 15 Hot Tips for Finals (Professors’ Guide LLC)
    3. Preparing to Study: Some Characteristics of a Good Study Place (Lakehead University)
    4. Exam Survival Guide (Massey University)
    5. Exam Preparation Quick Tips for Students Who Have/Have Not Prepared Throughout the Semester (University of Waterloo)
    6. Samples of Review Strategies (Ohio University)
    7. Exam Preparation Strategies PowerPoint (The University of Illinois)

    Managing Exam Stress/ Anxiety

    1. Exam Anxiety Checklist @ Psychometer (HKU CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment)
      *Exclusive for HKU Students
      Login Psychometer using your Portal Account > Take Tests > Mood and Stress Level > Exam Anxiety
    2. How to Cope with Exam Stress? (HKU CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment)
    3. Dialogue: How to Cope with Exam Stress? (HKU CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment)
    4. Managing Test Anxiety (Brown University)
    5. Exam Stress (University of Leicester)
    6. Fighting Test Anxiety (Carnegie Mellon University)