Fisheries and Fishing Communities in Aberdeen


Fisheries and Fishing Communities in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has the richest history among all locations in the Southern District. The history of fisheries and fishing communities in Aberdeen are invaluable cultural treasures. The WAY Project will help the local community to preserve and turn its rich culture and history into social capital.

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Oral History Project

To document the rich history of fishing communities in Aberdeen, oral history studies are being conducted through research and interviews of retired and current fishermen, fish merchants, boat-makers and other associated business operators. Stories collected from the interviews will be compiled, published and archived.


Guided Tours

HKU students work closely with the community to piece together vanishing life stories of the fishing communities and reveal them through guided tours. In the long run, Cantonese, English and Mandarin speaking tours are expected to be offered for international visitors, and even people of special needs.

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Water Community Living Museum

Stories and objects collected from the fishing communities will also be exhibited in an indoor venue where visitors can understand the history through photos, videos and sound recordings.  Fishermen’s dishes and food can be tasted and purchased.  Experiential activities such as guided tours and social enterprise incubation service for fishermen will also be provided.  The museum is expected to be operated as a social enterprise, which will bring financial benefits and empowerment for fishermen seeking other job opportunities.

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