Project Development Stages


Project Development Stages

WAY is a pioneering project with the overall objective of developing replicable solutions for social capital development first in the Southern District and eventually throughout Hong Kong. In order to develop a replicable model in four years, WAY will take a programmatic approach with four stages:

Stages 1 & 2: Needs Assessment and Pilot Projects (1st – 18th months)

Students and staff of HKU will investigate existing needs and support in the Southern District. Pilot projects will then be designed to address such needs.

Stage 3: Project Implementation (13th – 42nd months)

Pilot projects with desirable outcomes will be fully implemented. They will be evaluated on a number of criteria including scalability and reliability.

Stage 4: Evaluation and Framework Development (37th – 48th months)

This stage integrates knowledge and experience from previous years to develop models and framework that can be replicated in other districts. The final outcome should also suggest how academic institutions may contribute in complement to the Government and NGOs’ social capital development efforts.