About the Exhibition

About the Exhibition

”Stories of Aberdeen Fishing Folks” Exhibition
It is said that metropolitan Hong Kong grew out from a fishing village, but few of us know much about this episode of Hong Kong’s history. Aberdeen has a long history of fishing with its geographic feature as a typhoon shelter. We have recorded the oral histories of fishing folks in Aberdeen about their lifestyles and culture. In this exhibition, we share with you the lived experiences of the fishing folks in Aberdeen through the oral histories, old photos, comics and innovative visual design.

Organized by
We Are With You Project, The University of Hong Kong

Sponsored by
Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation

Supported by
Graduate House, The University of Hong Kong

Acknowledgements (in alphabetical order)
All interviewed fishermen
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Hong Kong Fishermen’s Association
Hong Kong Fishermen Consortium
Hong Kong Southern District Women’s Association
Photo Library, Information Services Department
Public Records Office, Government Records Service
Rome Cafe (Graduate House)
The University of Hong Kong Libraries

Mr Ko Tim-keung
Mr Encore Sin
Mr Bernard Yau
Prof Juan Du

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