About innoart

Art knows no difference. It provides the widest platform for us to express our thoughts and feelings.

innoart is an experiential learning project under the WAY Project to foster social inclusion through the creation and marketing of souvenirs co-produced by disadvantaged artists and HKU students.

Hand in [...]

Social Enterprise Incubation Project

CORE PROJECTS Social Enterprise Incubation Project

WAY will identify experienced community partners to work together to scale up existing social enterprises and to inject the concept of social sustainability into new business. This project focuses on developing market-linked long-term solutions that would bring financial benefits and empowerment for local people to achieve sustainable development. Therefore, [...]

Joy to Live – A Home Improvement Project for Subdivided Flat Residents

CORE PROJECTS Joy to Live – A Home Improvement Project for Subdivided Flat Residents

Soaring property price in Hong Kong has made the city be ranked world’s No 1 for unaffordable housing in the past years. Many low-income or grassroots families have no choices but squeeze their members into very small partitions or cubicles, called [...]

Mentorship and Community Workshops

CORE PROJECTS Mentorship and Community Workshops

This project will be built on the capacity of the HKU family. WAY will reach out to schools and community centres in the District to offer long-term direct services to various community groups. Direct services may include tutorial and interest groups for primary and junior secondary school students, and [...]

Fisheries and Fishing Communities in Aberdeen

CORE PROJECTS Fisheries and Fishing Communities in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has the richest history among all locations in the Southern District. The history of fisheries and fishing communities in Aberdeen are invaluable cultural treasures. The WAY Project will help the local community to preserve and turn its rich culture and history into social capital.

Oral History [...]

WAY x Youth.ROC

CORE PROJECTS WAY x Youth.ROC Connect with community, family, and people through Street Run About the Programme

Social integration in communities is to create the conditions for everyone to live and work successfully alongside each other. Most people feel they belong to their neighborhood and to this community, and have a sense of pride in [...]