Fishermen Stories

    Lives on the Sea

    Lives on the Sea Introduction

    There are various kind of fishing vessels in Aberdeen. In terms of fishing method, there are lining, netting and trawling vessels. In terms of fishing ground, there are inshore and sea-going vessel in Aberdeen. Sea lives are colorful. There are danger and hardship as well as joy and surprise. Lives [...]

    The Gulf of Tonkin: Memories of Adventures

    The Gulf of Tonkin: Memories of Adventures Introduction

    The Gulf of Tonkin is the water at the border between China and Vietnam. It is located south of Guang-xi and west of Hainan Island. It was 400 nautical miles from Hong Kong. In the 1970s-1980s, shrimp trawlers from Aberdeen went to the Gulf of Tonkin to [...]

    Migrant Fishermen from the South China Sea

    Migrant Fishermen from the South China Sea Introduction

    “Aberdeen fishermen actually came from different directions. In the past, fishermen moved around under the wind. They parked their boats at places as the wind drove them to there. No matter what, they fished along the coast. Some of them moved to Aberdeen and settled down here [...]

    Communities on the Typhoon Shelter

    Communities on the Typhoon Shelter Introduction

    Typhoon Shelter is the home base of Aberdeen fishermen. In the past fishing vessels and house boats lined up properly on the waterway. Along both sides of the shelter there were many affiliated business of fisheries, such as wholesale fish market, boatyards, machinery workshops and ice manufacturers. All these [...]

    Development of Fishing Boats in Aberdeen

    Development of Fishing Boats in Aberdeen Introduction

    Aberdeen’s fishing vessels can be classified according to their fishing and boat making craft. The major fishing methods are stern trawling, pair trawling, shrimp trawling, long lining, gill netting and purse seining. Stern and pair trawling have the highest yield. Nowadays sailing junks are no longer seen in [...]

    About the Exhibition

    About the Exhibition

    ”Stories of Aberdeen Fishing Folks” Exhibition It is said that metropolitan Hong Kong grew out from a fishing village, but few of us know much about this episode of Hong Kong’s history. Aberdeen has a long history of fishing with its geographic feature as a typhoon shelter. We have recorded the oral [...]