Financial Matters


There are various ways for students to finance their studies. It is their responsibility to arrange the payment of tuition fee on time, and consult their Faculty or CEDARS to choose and apply for the appropriate financial assistance and/ or education funds should it be necessary. The University deals with your students directly on all financial matters, however students may turn to you should they need supporting documents.

Fees and Scholarships:

The University administers a multitude of scholarships and prizes which are awarded on the basis of academic merit. Students are advised to periodically check Faculty notice-boards and the HKU Scholarships website for details of how to apply for the various scholarships.

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Financial Assistance:

For government administered financial assistance, the Government Tertiary Student Finance Scheme for Publicly-funded Programme (TSFS) is a means-tested grant and loan scheme. Students who have difficulty in applying for the TSFS Scheme may consider the Non-means tested loan scheme (NLS). University means-tested loans and grants are also available to needy local students on application. In general, these funds are used to supplement the TSFS.

There are a number of educational funds for individuals. For example, the First-in-the-Family Education Fund supports full-degree first year undergraduates who are the first generation of university students from low income families; the Henry Chan Inclusive Education Funds support students with a disability and ethnic minority students respectively. There are also social inclusion funds to support students to participate in social inclusion activities. Students are advised to look for more information on CEDARS website.

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