Parents of New HKU Students

The First Year

First year students will have a lot to learn when they enter the University. They may have to take part in various events to enrich their First Year Experience, and make many decisions with regards to course selection, accommodation plan, peer or intimate relationship building and/or career planning. While they are exposed to many new ideas and testing out new ways, it is quite normal for them to go through emotions, such as joy, anxiety, excitement and sadness.

Parental Role Transition

The role transition of parenting a university student can be difficult. It is indeed a challenge to allow them to learn to be independent and responsible. While they may not directly express it, they need comfort and assurance as they make decisions, e.g. living in hall or joining a student society. Though it is tempting for parents to make decisions for them (like what you did when they were younger), the best way is to allow them to learn the consequences of making their own choices. Remember, the experience itself is very inspiring and educational!

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University Life Trio – An Event for the Parents of the First Year Undergraduates

The University Life Trio is an annual event organised by the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS, 學生發展及資源中心) for the parents of the first-year students of that year.

It is our conviction that parents, students and staff are collaborators in university education. The event is an opportunity to discuss how we can effectively work together to facilitate learning and growth of the first-year students. On this occasion, you will meet the Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning), Dean of Student Affairs, Faculty Deans, Hall Wardens, staff representatives, student representatives, etc. and exchange views about university education and whole-person development.

University Life Trio 2018 ( highlight )

This event is usually held during winter semester break. Parents usually receive an invitation letter from The University in November, and please reply by mail, email, or phone to reserve your seats.

When Parents Are Worried?

Let your students fully experience the first semester of the first year. They usually settle down after one semester. Be supportive and watchful, talk to them about your worries, and have faith in them.

If you notice them having adjustment, mood or emotional issues, encourage them to seek help as soon as possible. The Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) provides counselling service to support and assist students to face these challenges.

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