Emergency and Crisis


If you are worried about your students’ academic performance, please talk to them and encourage them to seek advice from the Faculty Academic Adviser.  It is important for students to learn to balance their commitments and needs, and to take responsibility for their studies and time management. The Faculty and the Academic Advisers will not answer your questions about the student’s academic performance, as we need to respect student privacy and personal data. Faculties and the Academic Advising Office may only answer questions about University rules and regulations.

If you notice them having adjustment, mood or emotional issues, encourage them to seek help as soon as possible. The Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) provides counselling service to support and assist students to face these challenges. We will help students to learn to overcome hurdles and manage stress and challenges. This is one aspect of student learning and personal growth and development that we hope students will develop during the university years, so that their skills can be transferrable to coping with challenges and difficulties in the future.

If your students have mental health or any other forms of crises, and have difficulties seeking help and advice from the University, and as parents, you see the need to seek help or advice for them, you might consider approaching CEDARS counselling service, or the faculty office. This included services such as:

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