Students Under 18 (Student Minors)

Parents - Students Under 18
Parental Responsibility

Your students may still be under the age of 18 years at the time of admission to HKU, in particular with the implementation of the new 4-year curriculum. They are not adults from legal and social perspectives. While the University, in appropriate circumstances, will give due consideration and take necessary measures in handling the affairs in regard to student minors, it should be noted that parental responsibility remains with the parents/guardians.  The University will not act in loco parentis (i.e. not assuming parental responsibility).

Student Confidentiality

Students in HKU are treated as independent adults, student data are protected by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. It is the normal practice of the University to correspond directly with students but not their parents/guardians. Parents/guardians do not have automatic right to access the personal data of student records, such as information on course enrolment, payment status of fees, academic status, results and grades etc. However, the University acknowledges that it might work with parents in emergency situations, such as in the prevention and remedying of unlawful conduct, or in the prevention of serious harm to the physical or mental health of students.

It is therefore crucial for you to maintain close communication with your students. You will not wish to micro-manage their academic development and progress, but it may be good to let them know that you are being considerate and supportive.

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